Death of an Angel

Till Death Do Us Apart

This is a project in progress which I’m planning to show in my native city of Mumbai, india by 2021. The premises of this project is a psycho sexual relationship between men and women. During my young and as an emerging carrier as a photographer I’ve seen another facet of human relationships i.e One night stands, Relationships, glitter and depicts that affected me so much that “Till Death Do Us Apart" became a personal project” because of the trust issue. 

Death of an Angel is a project stemming out of Sahil Rohiras brain and deals with mythological stories and folk lures which he was surrounded while growing up. These stories were made of Victory of Angels, God is a wisdom, Falling in love with the prince of darkness “lestat”, good over evil. Mr Rohira takes a technical angel to shoot this story. These images are shot on a camera as a single frame without any help of post production. 

©2018 by Sahil Rohira Photography.